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Kelly Burkett, MA, LPC 

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Supporting you to be the parent you want to be

Parenting Was Never Meant To Be Done Alone

“Parenting is hard, and the struggles can sometimes feel like they overshadow the joys.  Knowing that struggle is normal and will pass helps us get through the hard times so we can truly treasure the good ones” (LR Knost).  


The struggle is real. Parenting is hard.  You are not alone.  Coaching can help! 


Meet Kelly

I'm so glad you are here!  


I am a Licensed Professional Counselor with a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology and Peaceful Parenting Coach dedicated to helping parents better understand their child, their own parenting style, and build a secure and loving relationship with their child.  

For over 10 years pre-kids, I facilitated outpatient therapy groups for adults with mental illness, substance abuse and trauma.   My clinical experience helped learn how to create an environment of empathy and understanding, while also empowering and encouraging clients to feel more capable and confident in their lives. 


I am also a mom to 3 kids - ages 10, 10 and 5.   As a parent, I can relate to the joys, anxieties and frustrations of parenting. While I know how I want to show up for my kids, I also make mistakes, lose my patience, and second-guess myself.  I believe this real-life experience as a mom allows me to create a shame-free and non-judgmental coaching space for parents. 

As Glennon Doyle says, "Parenting is the most important thing to many of us, and so it's also the place we're most vulnerable. We're all a little afraid we're doing it wrong."  I don't believe you are doing it wrong, and I don't believe a perfect parent exists.  Some ages and stages of parenting are just really tough and we all deserve information, support and encouragement along the way.  It would be a privilege to help you . I offer a free 20 minute consultation call to learn more about you, your family and talk about coaching can help. 


Parent Coaching Services

In coaching, we will work together to identify the challenges coming up in your family and help you create an environment where all members of the family can thrive and grow.   Coaching sessions are focused on helping parents better understand their child’s perspective and emotional needs to build a meaningful and lasting relationship.  

Coaching will offer you specific and actionable tools and strategies to decrease power struggles, increase connection and cooperation, and create a harmonious family life.  


I understand that every family and every child is unique, so tools, strategies and suggestions will be individualized and realistic for your family.  I strive to create an open and non-judgmental space for you to share your feelings, uncover your triggers and areas for improvement.  

Complimentary Consultation Call

(20 minutes) 

Want to learn more about parent coaching?  Unsure if coaching can help your family?  Want to see if we are a good fit?   Schedule a free 15-20 minute phone call or Zoom to learn more about parent coaching, ask your questions, and tell me a bit about your family. 


60 minute

Coaching Session 

You and me on the phone or on Zoom. Some of the most common reasons parents seek out coaching include: aggressive behavior, tantrums and meltdowns, sibling conflict, separation anxiety, sleep challenges, and defiance.  Parents also seek out coaching to help them better understand their triggers, areas for improvement, and learn concrete and actionable ways to stop yelling and increase self-regulation.  


Parenting Workshops or Small Group Coaching 

Want to bring Peaceful Parenting to your preschool, parent/mom's group, or workplace?  Lets plan a workshop or small group coaching together!  Workshops can be tailored to your group's specific interest and needs and can be hosted in person or on Zoom. 

"Kelly has been such a great resource in helping my family.  Kelly has a gentle and clear way of communicating parenting skills and techniques, which really work.   She has taught me so many simple tools and helped me develop a parenting style that has made such an impact for my 4 year old daughter.   Kelly combines her practical personal experience with professional knowledge. She made me feel comfortable immediately and creates an open and welcoming atmosphere to educate and inform with no judgment.  She is professional and provides follow up literature and notes after each session with specific suggestions that fit our family situation.  I am so grateful to have worked with Kelly and the shifts that she helped guide for my family." - Stacey V.

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